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I'm a retired 2 year NA player, so don't expect me on there anymore.
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Update #1: September 14, 2014, 5:53 PM

I felt the need to do this since a lot of stuff has been going on this week

First off, I got sick. Hurray flu season /o/ I got a soar throat on Thursday and that usually marks the beginning of a bigger cold developing for me, so now I have a soar throat, runny nose, and am coughing a lot. w00t

Oh I forgot to ask how your guys’ morning was because mine was fantastic until it got to the part where I had an appointment for a haircut with my dad’s car breaking down as soon as I got to the barber shop. I had to wait an hour and a half for a tow truck to arrive and another hour for a ride back home. The driver was pretty chill, but then the entire service costed $50, and by the time I got home, waifu was offline since she was getting tired. I told her I would be back in an hour after I left for my haircut, but then that shit happened and told her to not wait for me and go to sleep since she was tired orz Now I feel like shit aheh

But anyways, uhm, I’d just like to show my further appreciation to spookyspectrum for that Grand Master pic she did with her amazing skills on MMD, so thank you again for that Spooky~ You rock! ouo/

Another thanks to Min (spearprison) for being supportive of me for whatever reason aheh Really, thank you and thanks for the drawing of Yoi for an early birthday gift hehe~ Thanks Stephy (windythongy) for yours as well ^^


Of course, I can’t forget succubusqueenkaris extremely generous donation to Yoi for her Spring Rain set like omg I’m still ?2//3/?##33?$#445 over it~<3

Uhm, I’m really just trying to remember what happened this week from the top of my head. I’ll just say thanks to my followers for, uhh, following me through my journey of everything Eldork related. I love ya’ll big time~

Anyways, I should get to my homework orz


This was just like 10 minutes ago, but thanks rune-slayer for the pixel art of Yoi~ Don’t push yourself now, and keep up the good work b(ouo)


How can I forgot thanking waifu (burstwolf) for being awesome and the one to chat with everyday even if it is for only an hour or so during the weekdays. I’ve honestly never been this dedicated to someone where I would have to set an alarm to know when you would get on just to talk. You’re amazing, funny, an awesome Els player, and an awesome person in general. Lub u~<3 -Husbando (~ouo)~ -squish-


Killing the loveydubey mood with another edit. Awesome work to RenaE and RavenH from the asktheelriosteam blog on their first Elvoice post. Everyone was fantastic and the editing as well~ ((I’ll get back to you when things start lightening up for me))

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RenaE: Hey guys! The first answer of the voice blog has been answered! This was a special request from one of our fans. Hope you all enjoy and give a reblog on which team you wanna be on! <3 

Also.. I know I said there would be animation for this.. But.. My computer went blue screen and all the video files were just gone and could not be recovered. Just my technology luck… ^^;; I’m really sorry. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again..

To ask for a voice question: Please put: “Elvoice:*insert question here*”

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I mean, Team Velder sounds nice.

I love you too Min

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